Pic of the Day: “The Boy and the Pirates” promo still

We celebrate Valentine’s Day by, firstly, wishing Timothy’s youngest, Germain, a very happy birthday! And secondly, by posting this absolutely lovely and relatively rare promotional still from Bert I. Gordon‘s The Boy and the Pirates (1960). It’s Tim in full-on pirate mode, complete with musket, earring, and “AAARRGH”.

The Boy and the Pirates promo still

I have only seen this particular still once before, at Tim’s studio in El Monte during my visit there a while back. It was particularly noteworthy because Tim himself had decorated it in his own inimitable way. He had drawn lines coming out of the musket barrel, and written alongside it “FART POSE”. I could not stop laughing. I hope we all get to see that particular photo some day soon…


Pic of the Day: Hubba Bubba commercial revisited

Today’s pic takes another (rather silly) look at the Hubba Bubba bubble gum commercial Timothy appeared in in 1981. Here he’s having a bubble-blowing showdown with the hero.

Hubba Bubba commercial, 1981

Tim’s youngest daughter Germain told me that he had no idea how to blow bubble-gum bubbles – she had to teach him how to do it! Take a look at the entire commercial here.

Pic of the Day: The Carey Family

It’s Valentine’s Day, and that means love. This delightful picture of Timothy, his wife Doris, and their six children appeared in the article “Timothy Carey: The World’s Greatest Director!” by Harvey F. Chartrand, Filmfax Plus magazine #102 (April/June 2004).

Today is also the birthday of Tim’s daughter Germain, the baby of the family and, as she will tell you, “the adorable one” in this photo! Happy birthday, Germain!