Pic of the Day: “The Gunfight at Dodge City” revisited

Let’s start off the week with another gander at The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959). Timothy’s crooked deputy Forbes thinks he’s going to be privy to a meeting between his boss Sheriff Regan (Don Haggerty) and Bat Masterson (Joel McCrea), but he’s got another think coming.

Dodge City was directed by Joseph M. Newman, who directed Tim three years earlier in Flight to Hong Kong (1956). He also directed the sci-fi classic This Island Earth (1955). Also appearing in Dodge City are two of Tim’s previous co-stars, Charles Horvath (Francis in the Haunted House) and Richard Anderson (Paths of Glory).

Pic(s) of the Day: The Wall of Timothy updated

Sorry I missed yesterday! To make up for it, I am subjecting you to five, count ’em, FIVE pics of the updated Wall of Timothy. I swapped out some of the 11×14 lobby cards and added some latest acquisitions from The Killing, Flight to Hong Kong, Chain of Evidence, and The Killing of a Chinese Bookie. The Mexican lobby cards are so awesome, with their vibrant colors and lurid copy.


Pic of the Day: “Flight to Hong Kong”

I know I’ve already posted a pic from this one, but I recently got ahold of this publicity still from the film, and it’s too weird not to post. Tim is barely visible as one of the gang beating up a shirtless Rory Calhoun.

Flight to Hong Kong

The fellow in front is Bob Hopkins, whom I always think of as resembling Errol Flynn gone to seed. The weird thing about this photo is, there is no scene in the film that even comes close to resembling it. Tim and his gang never beat up Calhoun, and Calhoun keeps his shirt on throughout the film (unfortunately). You can see a weird little version of this on the poster for the film. It’s just one of those strange Hollywood moments, I guess.

Pic of the Day: “Flight to Hong Kong”

Today’s pic (don’t forget to click to embiggen) is from Joseph M. Newman’s Flight to Hong Kong (1956). Tim is Lagarto, another low-life thug hired by Tony Dumont (Rory Calhoun) to steal a guy’s luggage. There are diamonds involved.

Flight to Hong Kong

Paul Picerni, who also co-stars here, once related an incident that occurred a couple years before this film was made:

“One strange thing happened on the Dragnet set. Jack Webb, Ben Alexander and I were taking a cigarette break and all of a sudden we see a commotion by the front gate. We see this tall guy running and two security guards chasing him. And he runs toward us and he grabs hold of Jack Webb and pushes him up against the wall and yells: ‘You gotta give me a part in your show! You understand!’ And Jack says, ‘Yeah, of course, you got it, whatever you want!’ The guy was a madman. It was the actor Timothy Carey. They got rid of him, of course. He might have been a great villain, but he scared the shit out of us. He was nuts.”

That’s our Tim!