Pic of the Day: “Fear of High Places” revisited

Our pic for today is another view of Tim’s mysterious silent character Jules Forel, as seen in the episode of The Name of the Game known as “Fear of High Places.” It first appeared on television screens across the nation on September 20, 1968.

Fear of High Places - 1968

It would be very nice to see an official release of this unusual series. Hello, powers that be at Universal? Also, still can’t get over those far-out shades.

Video of the Week: “Fear of High Places”

EDITOR’S NOTE 10/11/12: Removed for copyright infringement. Sorry about that.

Pursuant to our Pic of the Day of last week, we present a highly edited version of the Name of the Game episode “Fear of High Places,” first broadcast on September 20, 1968. Tim can be seen as the silent and mysterious Jules Forel toward the end.

This is one of his roles where if I didn’t already know it was him, I never would have guessed it was him. But I may have been left scratching my head and wondering, “Hmm, that guy looks familiar…”

Pic of the Day: “Fear of High Places”

Our pic for today (click for the embiggening) is from one of two of Tim’s appearances on the unusual television series The Name of the Game. This one is from the premiere episode, “Fear of High Places.” It was first broadcast on September 20, 1968, and was directed by William A. Graham, who also directed Tim in Waterhole #3 (1967) and Change of Habit (1969). Tim has no dialogue as mysterious bad guy Jules Forel, who sports an empty cigarette holder, an overly hip pair of shades, and an unusual facial hair configuration.

The Name of the Game

The other episode of this series that he appeared in, “Aquarius Descending,” has been utterly impossible for me to dig up. If and when it ever turns up, you’ll be the first to know!