Video of the Week: “The Wild One”

This week’s video is the once-controversial early biker epic The Wild One (1953) in its entirety. Timothy is uncredited but memorable as the perhaps overly enthusiastic member of Chino’s gang who splashes beer on Marlon Brando and terrorizes poor switchboard operator Dorothy (Eve March, also uncredited).

“Maybe you remember Marlon Brando in The Wild One,Tim told Bill Tusher in Movie Stars Parade magazine. “Well, in that picture Lee Marvin was the number one heavy, and I was his sidekick. When he and Brando got into a brawl in the big mob scene, I was supposed to push Marvin onto Marlon. I did it like the picture said I was supposed to – like I hated Brando’s guts and I wanted Marvin to claw him apart. As I said, I played the scene with enthusiasm, but Brando didn’t seem to appreciate it. He finally turned to director Laslo Benedek and said, ‘Get that guy off the set. He makes me nervous.'”

Video of the Week: “The Wild One”

This week’s video revisits The Wild One (1953), directed by Laslo Benedek and starring, who else, Marlon Brando. Timothy first appears at about 4:25, when he and the gang terrorize poor switchboard operator Dorothy (Eve March).

Tim related in the Psychotronic interview, “Someone took me over to see Laslo Benedek, who directed The Wild One, and he liked me, but he wouldn’t let me drive a motorcycle. I guess he didn’t trust me. He thought I’d run over a few people.”

Pic of the Day: “The Wild One” revisited

Starting off our week is another shot from The Wild One (1953), directed by Laslo Benedek and starring Marlon Brando, presumably in the title role. Heh. Tim and his rude biker cohorts are terrorizing poor switchboard operator Dorothy (Eve March), who soon finds herself taking a personal day off.

"Go home, Dorothy!"

March most notably had small roles as teachers in two classic Val Lewton productions, The Seventh Victim (1943) and The Curse of the Cat People (1944).