Pic of the Day: “Encounter at Boot Hill” revisited

The work week ends with a nice close-up of Timothy staring down Clint Eastwood in the Rawhide episode “Encounter at Boot Hill,” first broadcast on September 14, 1965. I do believe Tim was one of the few men capable of pulling off such a feat.

Encounter at Boot Hill - 1965

Tim appeared in two episodes of Rawhide. I’ve so far been unsuccessful in finding the other one, “The Book” (1/8/65). Tracking it down as we speak…

Pic of the Day: “Encounter at Boot Hill”

Our pic for today is from the second of Tim’s two appearances on the long-running TV Western series Rawhide. The episode is “Encounter at Boot Hill,” which first aired on September 14, 1965. Tim is mean, mean deputy sheriff Ed Walker, who berates Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood) for “impeding.” Or, as he says it, “im-PEEEEE-dn’.”

Encounter at Boot Hill - 1965

Until this particular season of Rawhide enjoys a commercial release, check sites like ioffer.com, which is where I got mine.