A Twisted Genius and The World’s Greatest Sinner

My beautiful friend Elizabeth Yoffe of True Studio Media, producer of the film My Big Break (2011), writes about her myriad experiences in and impressions of the film industry in her wonderful blog, Yoffe’s Guide to My Big Break. Her latest blog entry is a heartfelt appreciation of Timothy, just in time for the Projection Booth podcast on Tim and The World’s Greatest Sinner. Here’s an excerpt:

Carey was kind of like asafetida – the malodorous spice so odd and powerful it’s known as devil’s dung or stinking gum but also food of the gods. Just as asafetida can impart the right flavor to a recipe when used correctly, so Carey could enhance a film with his unsettling presence. But when handled improperly both the spice and the actor wreak havoc. Thus, although Carey’s talent was admired, rumors of directors and co-stars losing their minds and attacking him abound, and Carey himself said he was known as “the scourge of Hollywood.”

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