Happy birthday, Scott Brady!

In celebration of the birthday anniversary of the late great Scott Brady, born this date in 1924, today’s pic is a publicity still from Bloodhounds of Broadway (1952), the only film he and Timothy made together. Tim, unbilled as hillbilly Crockett Pace, is attempting to get rid of city fellas Numbers Foster (Brady) and Poorly Sammis (Wally Vernon), intent on spiriting away his intended, Emily Ann Stackerlee (Mitzi Gaynor).

Bloodhounds of Broadway

Brady, born Gerald Tierney in Brooklyn, was one-third of the cinematic Tierney brothers, the others being Lawrence (1919-2002) and Edward (1928-1983). He enjoyed a long career as a good-looking tough guy in films and on television. He passed away in 1985 from complications of pulmonary fibrosis. There aren’t too many like him left, unfortunately for us. Happy afterlife birthday, Scott!