Pic of the Day: “Waterhole #3” promotional still

Today’s pic is my latest eBay find! It’s a publicity still for Waterhole #3 (1967), the rollicking Western comedy directed by William A. Graham. Paramount Pictures is more than happy to tell us that it features Roy Jenson, Harry Davis and Timothy, digging a tunnel in search of gold.

Waterhole #3

Davis was a familiar character actor who appeared mostly on television throughout the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, with the occasional film role coming his way. One of the most memorable of these was in Elia Kazan‘s America America (1963). His wife, Dorothy Salisbury Davis, was one of the best of a handful of women writing and publishing hard-boiled crime fiction in the 1940s and ’50s (and beyond).

Pic of the Day: “Alaska Seas” revisited

I apologize for not posting last week! Not sure what happened. Guess I needed a little break. In any case, March is coming in like a lion with another look at Alaska Seas (1954), the maritime adventure directed by Jerry Hopper. Boat repairman Wycoff ponders how to get the $920.60 owed him by rogue fisherman Matt Kelly (Robert Ryan).

Alaska Seas

I was inspired to make Seas our Pic of the Day after coming across this epically hilarious promotional still from the film on eBay. One is inclined to wonder why Timothy was not included in this fabulous shot of Brian Keith, Jan Sterling and Ryan hamming it up for the camera.

Alaska Seas promo still

Pic of the Day: “Waterhole #3” autographed still

My latest eBay score! It’s an autographed photo from Waterhole #3 (1967). I can’t tell who it’s made out to, but I’m pretty sure it says “Good evening”. That is how he signed the Killing of a Chinese Bookie poster I have.

Waterhole #3 autographed photo

He says “Good evening” very memorably in Speedtrap (1977), so I’m guessing this was signed around then or later. It’s always a treat to find a still I don’t have; even better when it’s autographed by the man himself. Have an excellent weekend, everybody!

Pic of the Day: “Revolt in the Big House” lobby card

Our pic today is a lobby card from R.G. Springsteen‘s Revolt in the Big House (1958), the entertaining low-budget prison drama starring Gene Evans, Robert Blake and third-billed Timothy. Here we see the gang plotting said revolt in the prison greenhouse.

Revolt in the Big House lobby card

Of all the memorabilia for Tim’s films, items for Revolt seem to be the most ubiquitous and readily available. A casual search on eBay will always turn up stills and lobby cards from this film. Given that, it’s strange that I’ve yet to run across a trailer. I’m guessing there’s one out there somewhere.