Pic of the Day: “Mermaids of Tiburon” revisited

Today we take another look at John Lamb‘s Mermaids of Tiburon (1962). Pearl-coveting bad guy Milo Sangster (such a great character name) enjoys lunch while plotting his next nefarious enterprise.

Mermaids of Tiburon

The Psychotronica Vol. 3 DVD of Mermaids was apparently supposed to include some commentary by Romeo Carey, but looks like it never happened. It also includes the ridiculous “Aqua Sex” version of the film, which attempts to pass off some topless women with flippers on their feet as mermaids. I guess they figured nobody would notice they weren’t wearing mermaid tails. Let the head-shaking and eye-rolling commence.

Quote of the Week

It’s so easy to recommend Revolt In The Big House. Just the fact that Timothy Carey ends up with a machine gun makes it essential. And it’s got a lot more going for it than that.

– Toby Roan, “DVD Review: Revolt In The Big House (1958)”; The Hannibal 8, November 20, 2014

Revolt in the Big House

Pic of the Day: “The Golden Wolf” revisited

Today’s pic revisits the Cowboy G-Men episode “The Golden Wolf”. It first aired on September 27, 1952. Wolf poacher Jake Kirby is flummoxed to discover that the legendary “golden wolf” of the title is, in fact – well, no spoilers here.

The Golden Wolf - 1952

It’s hard to believe that Timothy is only 23 years old here. I apologize for the substandard quality of this and pretty much all the pics from Cowboy G-Men. I’m guessing cleaning up these prints is not a high priority for the DVD distributors. It’s a blessing that we have them at all, really.

Pic of the Day: “Chain of Evidence” revisited

You see this absolutely dreadful screen cap from a very poor quality “collector to collector” DVD of Chain of Evidence (1957)?

Chain of Evidence

Well, I’m happy to report that this film has finally attained that loftiest of goals – an official, proper commercial DVD release! You can now purchase the Bill Elliott Detective Mysteries collection, featuring Chain and four other films starring former cowboy star “Wild” Bill Elliot in his new role as LA County Sheriff’s detective Andy Doyle. I’ll be buying it myself as soon as possible, and replacing all of these substandard screen caps from Chain with shiny new ones. Good news!

In Search Of…

As awesome as it would have been for Timothy to have shown up in an episode of that Leonard Nimoy-hosted “mysterious mysteries” series, this post isn’t about that. Instead, as mentioned yesterday, I’m going to list Timothy’s television appearances that I have yet to acquire on DVD. I have a want list up for most of these over at ioffer.com, but just in case any of you lovely people have any leads on where one might get ahold of “collector to collector” copies of these, I thought I would present them here. So, in chronological order, let’s start our search:

1. Chevron Theatre: “The Survey Man” (1952)

A brand-new addition to Tim’s IMDB page, although his presence in it is listed as “unconfirmed.” Season 1, episode 16; directed by the great Norman Lloyd. First broadcast on April 18, 1952, which would make this his earliest recorded performance on record, if indeed he is in it.

Gang Busters

2. Gang Busters: “The Tri-State Gang” (1952)

My hubby wrote about this one here a while back. It hasn’t been added to Tim’s IMDb page, but it really should be as its existence is well documented. A two-parter from season 1, first airing on November 9 and November 27, 1952. It’s out there somewhere.

Death Valley Days

3. Death Valley Days: “Cynthy’s Dream Dress” (1953)

Season 1, episode 9. This is another recent addition. It was first broadcast on March 3, 1953. Ed Wood stalwart Lyle Talbot is in it too!

Cowboy in Africa

4. Cowboy in Africa: “The Red Hand of Michael O’Neill” (1968)

Season 1, episode 19; first broadcast on February 5, 1968. Portraying Tim’s daughter is Bonnie Beecher, who later became Mrs. Wavy Gravy!

The Outsider

5. The Outsider: “For Members Only” (1968)

Pilot episode of the series, first airing on September 18, 1968. Star Darren McGavin met his future wife Kathie Browne while filming this episode.

The Name of the Game

6. The Name of the Game: “Aquarius Descending” (1970)

Season 3, episode 13. The second of two episodes of the series in which Tim appears, this one was first broadcast on December 11, 1970. He plays a character who goes by the intriguing name of “Desert Rat.”


7. Toma: “A Funeral for Max Fabian” (1974)

Season 1, episode 13; first broadcast on February 22, 1974. It’s listed as “A Funeral for Max Berlin” on IMDb, but numerous other sources list it as “Max Fabian” (oddly enough, the name of the put-upon theatrical producer portrayed by Gregory Ratoff in All About Eve [1950]), so I’m going with that. Based on the real-life adventures of undercover cop David Toma, the series was retooled after one season and became Baretta, after star Tony Musante refused to sign on for another season. Which leads us to…


8. Baretta: “The Marker” (1978)

Season 4, episode 16; first broadcast on February 16, 1978. The last of Tim’s four appearances in the series. From reading the brief plot synopses found around the internet, I have a feeling Tim’s character is particularly heinous in this one. And finally…


9. CHiPs: “Kidnap” (1980)

Season 3, episode 18; first aired January 26, 1980. Directed by recently-deceased Gordon Hessler, who also directed Tim in the Kung Fu episode “Ambush” (4.4.75). Also appearing is our favorite Klingon, Michael Dorn, in his first regular role in a television series.

And there you have it! Man, that took forever. Thanks, everyone!