Video of the Week: “Across the Wide Missouri”

12/01/15 EDIT: Another one bites the dust. Sorry about that!

This week’s video provides a look – a really quick look – at Timothy’s first official film appearance. It’s Across the Wide Missouri (1951), directed by William Wellman. Fast-forward to 35:06 and you’ll see Tim’s grand film debut – as a corpse. But like I say, don’t blink or you’ll miss it!

Tim spoke several times in interviews about his escapades during the making of the film in Durango, Colorado, involving director Wellman and the film’s star, Clark Gable. This was also silent Western star Jack Holt‘s final film. Enjoy!

Quote of the Week

We are indebted to 50 Westerns From the 50s blogger Toby Roan (and his wife!) for this week’s quote. This is the earliest newspaper tidbit about Timothy that I’ve seen to date.

Timothy Carey of Brooklyn followed Horace Greeley‘s advice, went West and landed a screen role with Clark Gable in Across the Wide Missouri.

The lanky young Brookridge High School alumnus, following several seasons playing pro baseball, found himself in Colorado.

He heard that Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer was about to film the outdoor saga near Durango. With summer stock experience in the east to his credit, Carey set up housekeeping at an abandoned cabin near the studio location.

He finally met Director William Wellman, who gave him the role of French Dunord, Gable’s trapper friend.

Not being a member of the regular Hollywood group, Carey has the distinction of being the only screen actor to share a cabin with several chipmunks.

– “Hollywood Newsreel,” Lebanon (PA) Daily News, August 24, 1950

Across the Wide Missouri

The entirety of Tim’s role as “French Dunord, Gable’s trapper friend”