Pic of the Day: “Nightside” revisited

Today’s pic (and you remember about clicking for embiggening) is another one from the failed television series pilot Nightside (1980). Tim unfortunately only has about 5 minutes total screen time as coked-out pimp Slowboy, but naturally they’re the best and most memorable 5 minutes of the movie.

Slowboy has just been apprehended by night-shift cop Doug McClure after crashing through a window during a gunfight. He’s so high it hasn’t fazed him a bit; in fact, he’s having a grand old time as you can see. Yet another example of Timothy making the most out of what could have been a brief throwaway appearance.

Pic of the Day: “Nightside”

Let’s start off the week with another rarity. This is from the TV movie Nightside (1980), the pilot for a proposed series that never got off the ground. Tim was directed once again by the legendary Bernard L. Kowalski. He portrays a coked-out pimp known as Slowboy. He’s pretty creepy.

Joe Spinell is also in this movie, but unfortunately he and Tim are in separate story arcs. Oh how awesome it would have been to see the two of them onscreen together! Another thing I learned from this movie is that Doug McClure does a very good, if rather scary, impersonation of Burt Lancaster.