Dead Flowers

The long-awaited Dead Flowers book is finally here! It stands as a record of the recent art exhibit at the Vox Populi gallery in Philadelphia that took as its inspiration the life, works and vision of Timothy Carey. There are several insightful essays on Tim, including a very moving one by his son Romeo.

If you are flummoxed by most performance art, as I am, you will remain flummoxed by the rest of the book. I suppose that Tim’s “uncompromising artistic vision” is the thread that holds these works together. The world of high art is a mysterious one to my mind, a land untraveled, and I won’t presume to speak with any authority on the subject. I’m just grateful that Tim’s work is being appreciated by a new generation.

Get yourself a copy of the book here. In the meantime, let my cat Sirius be your (sleepy) tour guide through the following photos. He also wants me to remind you to click to embiggen.

Dead Flowers, coming this summer!

Dead Flowers – Vox Populi/Participant Press- Edited by Lia Gangitano. Text by Gary Indiana, Antony Hegarty, Max G. Morton, Bruce LaBruce, Vaginal Davis, Eileen Myles, Ed Halter. pub date: 2011.

Dead Flowers
This should be great! Although I don’t think Tim really wished to be known as part of any “scene”; he just wanted to be able to express himself, his way. Still, very much looking forward to this.