Pic of the Day: “Daniel Boone” promo ad

Today’s pic is my latest eBay score! It’s a page from some Hollywood trade paper, announcing Timothy’s “comedy guest star” appearance on Daniel Boone (“The Blackbirder” episode, as bounty hunter Lute Purdy) that night on NBC-TV. We can then surmise that the ad appeared on the episode’s original air date, October 3, 1968. This was Timothy’s standard head shot for that time.

Promo ad for "The Blackbirder," 1968

I can’t seem to find too much biographical info on Tim’s agent, Lew Sherrell. He and his agency certainly represented a lot of folks in Hollywood – Forrest Tucker, Adam West, Robert Alda, Harry Carey Jr., Sue Ane Langdon and Robert Englund, just to name a few.

Pic of the Day: “Mamma Cooper” revisited

Our pic for today takes another look at Timothy’s fleeting appearance in the Daniel Boone episode “Mamma Cooper,” first broadcast on February 5, 1970. He portrays a jovial but unsavory character named Wibberly, bridge-toll-taker and slave trader.

Mamma Cooper - 1970

Tim’s vocal delivery has an almost cartoonish quality to it here. He would have been a great voice-over artist for cartoons and the like, methinks.

Pic of the Day: “The Blackbirder” revisited

A friend of the blog reminded me recently about this great episode of Daniel Boone, first broadcast on October 3, 1968. Timothy completely steals the show as bounty hunter Lute Purdy.

The Blackbirder - 1968

This episode was directed by William Wiard, veteran TV workhorse who directed 36 episodes of the Daniel Boone series, including the other episode Tim appears in, “Mamma Cooper” (02/05/1970). Don Pedro Colley, as former slave Gideon, also appears in Tim’s Tenspeed and Brown Shoe episode “The Treasure of Sierra Madre Street” (06/20/1980). I also remember him fondly as Baron Samedi in the blaxploitation horror classic Sugar Hill (1974).

Pic of the Day: “Teacher of Outlaws” revisited

Today’s pic (click for embiggening you will) is another from Tim’s appearance on The Big Valley. The episode is “Teacher of Outlaws,” which first aired on February 2, 1966. Scripture-spouting outlaw Preacher Clegg is making eyes at Victoria Barkley (Barbara Stanwyck), which is weird when you consider that she’s old enough to be his mother. But then, it is Miss Barbara Stanwyck after all.

Westerns were still a hot television property in the 1960s, and Tim appeared in a bunch of them – The Virginian, Cowboy in Africa, Rawhide, Cimarron Strip, Daniel Boone.

Pic of the Day: “Mamma Cooper”

Today’s pic comes from the second of Tim’s performances on the Daniel Boone TV series. The episode was “Mamma Cooper,” which first aired on February 5, 1970. Tim is a fellow named Wibberly, who collects bridge tolls and offers to sell Daniel some runaway slaves.

Mama Cooper

Unlike Tim’s previous appearance in the series, where his character is the focal point of the story and he’s in almost every scene, Tim only has a few lines and is on screen less than a minute. I think he may have been preoccupied with filming Tweet’s Ladies of Pasadena at this point.

Pic of the Day: “The Blackbirder”

Today’s pic (click to embiggen) is from the Daniel Boone TV series episode entitled “The Blackbirder,” first broadcast on October 3, 1968. Tim rather winsomely portrays a bounty hunter by the name of Lute Purdy. In this shot he is talking to himself about the potential reward he might be getting for a certain fugitive from justice. He glances at the camera for the briefest of moments and raises an eyebrow.  It’s so cute.

The Blackbirder

Tim did an awful lot of guest appearances on TV, mostly Westerns in the 50s and 60s, and crime dramas in the 70s. This has become my favorite of his TV performances that I’ve seen so far. He’s in almost every scene in the hour-long episode, and handily walks away with the entire show tucked neatly into his fringed buckskin pocket. If you get a chance to see this and miss it, you will be kicking yourself later. So don’t! Miss it, that is.