Pic of the Day: “Beware! No Trespassing” revisited

Today we take another look at the Cowboy G-Men episode “Beware! No Trespassing”. It was first broadcast on November 1, 1952. Evil-doers Benton and Jardine (Robert Lowery) eagerly anticipate the execution of their dastardly plan that involves a tungsten mine.

Beware! No Trespassing - 1952

As I believe I’ve mentioned before, Lowery was the second actor to portray Batman (after a fellow named Lewis Wilson), in a 1949 serial. In 1942 he appeared in a “sex hygiene” training film for the U.S. War Department, warning against the dangers of venereal disease, with none other than the future Superman, George Reeves. Just use your super-powers, fellas!

Video of the Week: “The Secret Mission”

Our video of the week showcases another of Timothy’s earliest performances. It’s one of the six episodes of Cowboy G-Men in which he appeared, “The Secret Mission”. Baby boomer cowgirls and cowboys first gathered around their Saturday morning televisions for this one on October 4, 1952.

He’s got a fairly substantial part as henchman to main bad guy Robert Lowery, and he gets a great fight scene with series star Russell Hayden. Enjoy this one, it’s pretty good as these things go. Except for those damn kids. No idea who played them. Holy cow, they’re annoying.

Pic of the Day: “The Golden Wolf” revisited

Let’s kick off the week with some vintage Timothy from very early in his career. Our pic today is from the Cowboy G-Men episode “The Golden Wolf”. It was first broadcast on September 27, 1952, and is one of six episodes of that Saturday morning baby boomer staple in which he appeared. Wolf poacher and con man Jake Kirby is worried that the authorities will discover that he and his partner Gil Clement (Robert Lowery) have been selling the same recycled wolf pelts to unsuspecting suckers for ages.

The Golden Wolf - 1952

Directing this episode was Reg Browne, a real jack-of-all-trades in the television industry – editor, director, writer, even bit actor. He also directed Tim in the CGM episode “Beware! No Trespassing” (11.1.52).

Video of the Week: “Gypsy Traders”

Our Video of the Week is one from the archives. It’s the Cowboy G-Men episode “Gypsy Traders,” first airing on February 28, 1953. Timothy is uncredited and silent as “Tall Gypsy,” but he does have an amusing bit during an encounter with a flea circus.

Tim appeared in six episodes of the series, in parts ranging from fairly important supporting character to barely-there walk-on. I do believe they’re all commercially available, so check ’em out today!

Pic of the Day: “The Secret Mission” revisited

Today we revisit one of the six episodes of Cowboy G-Men in which Timothy appeared. It’s “The Secret Mission,” first airing on October 4, 1952. Tim’s henchman sneaks around thinking good guy Pat Gallagher (Russell Hayden) is asleep. The joke is on him!

Secret Mission - 1952

This series is readily available on commercially and non-commercially released DVD (I believe it’s fallen into the public domain); quality isn’t so great, but it’s still a valuable record of some of Tim’s earliest work. Check it out!

Video of the Week: “Beware! No Trespassing”

No dipping into the archives this week – we have a brand-new video for you! It’s the Cowboy G-Men episode “Beware! No Trespassing” in its entirety. It was first aired on November 1, 1952. Timothy’s henchman Benton and his boss Jardine (Robert Lowery) are stirring up some mayhem at a tungsten mine.

Series star Russell Hayden was one of the busiest Western film stars around in the 1930s and ’40s, carrying on the tradition on TV in the ’50s. He and fellow Western stars Roy Rogers and Dick Curtis were among the original investors and developers of Pioneertown in California, which has been used in countless movies and television programs.

Pic of the Day: “The Wild One” revisited

Today we revisit The Wild One (1953), directed by Laslo Benedek and starring Marlon Brando. Here we see “Chino’s Boy #1” getting the brilliant idea of pouring a bottle of beer on Chino (Lee Marvin) to spur him on during the big fight with Brando.

The Wild One

If I’m not mistaken, that is X Brands on the far right. He and Timothy co-starred in several episodes of Cowboy G-Men at around the same time this was filmed. They also appeared together in Naked Gun (1956) and Revolt in the Big House (1958). He very often portrayed American Indians on television and in film, even though he was of German heritage.