Pic of the Day: “Angels on Ice” revisited

Today we revisit Timothy’s vaguely Russian/Middle Eastern gang leader in “Angels on Ice,” the Charlie’s Angels episode that first aired on September 21, 1977. He has just come to the realization that the rather awkward belly dancer who has been entertaining him and his gang is, in fact, that pesky spy girl Kelly (Jaclyn Smith).

Angels on Ice - 1977

Timothy built up quite a roster of guest appearances on television during the 1970’s – Charlie’s Angels, CHiPs, Baretta, Ellery Queen, the list goes on. Each one was given the unmistakable Carey treatment; he never just walked through a role, no matter how small. He once said that each role he played could very well be his last, so why not strive to make it his best? Why not, indeed.

Pic of the Day: “The Blue Angels” revisited

Today we take another look at “The Blue Angels,” the Charlie’s Angels episode that was first aired on May 4, 1977. Timothy only appears in the first few minutes. This is how he ends up, unfortunately.

The Blue Angels - 1977

He got a much more important role in his second appearance on the show later that year, in the episode “Angels on Ice.” “The Blue Angels” was directed by the prolific television actor and director Georg Stanford Brown.

Video of the Week: “Angels on Ice”

It’s Wednesday and that means it’s time for the Video of the Week! This week it’s a compressed version of the Charlie’s Angels episode “Angels on Ice,” a two-parter that first aired on September 21, 1977. Timothy is the leader of a Russian (I think?) gang out to sabotage an ice show for a little international political intrigue. Jaclyn Smith also attempts to bellydance. Don’t quit your day job, Jaclyn.

Whoever decided that Tim’s rather exotic-looking character could pass as a security guard is to be commended for thinking outside the box.

Pic of the Day: “Fifth Man in a String Quartet” revisited

Closing out the first work week of 2012 is another look at the McCloud episode “Fifth Man in a String Quartet,” first airing on February 2, 1972. Tim is the manager of a rather seedy apartment building, trying to make friends with McCloud (Dennis Weaver).

Fifth Man in a String Quartet

Timothy made scores of television appearances in the 1970s. He became a familiar face on Columbo, Baretta, Starsky and Hutch, and Charlie’s Angels, just to name a few.

Pic of the Day: “Angels on Ice” revisited

Our pic for today (don’t forget to click to embiggen) is the first shot of Tim that we see in the Charlie’s Angels episode “Angels on Ice,” first airing on September 21, 1977. He’s the leader of a vaguely Russian gang out to sabotage an Ice Follies-style show for their own nefarious purposes.

"Charlie's Angels" 1977

I must say that that is one of the snazziest suits he ever appeared in. In the mid to late 70’s, there were certain movies and programs where Tim bore more than a passing occasional resemblance to Christopher Lee. I would say that this was one of those times.

Pic of the Day: “The Blue Angels”

Today’s pic is from the Charlie’s Angels episode “The Blue Angels,” which is not about the flight exhibition team I used to watch every year at the Navy base where I grew up (I wish it were), and which was first broadcast on May 4, 1977. Tim plays another character named Bert (or maybe it’s Burt). He gets killed in the first few minutes of the show.

Charlies Angels episode

I have no idea what happens in the rest of the episode. After Tim gets killed, I lost interest. Sigh.

Pic of the Day: “Angels on Ice”

Our pic for today is from one of two episodes of Charlie’s Angels that Tim appeared in. This one is from “Angels on Ice,” which first aired on September 21, 1977. Tim is one of a vaguely Middle Eastern (or maybe they’re Russian, or something) gang who are plotting to assassinate some oil sheiks during an ice skating show. Or something. I can’t keep track of these convoluted plots. Anyway, Tim is in disguise as a security guard.

Angels on Ice

You totally believe he’s a security guard, right? Me neither.