Joan Leslie 1925 – 2015

We learned last week of the passing of lovely star Joan Leslie at the age of 90. Timothy was lucky enough to share the screen with her (and Sterling Hayden), however briefly, in one of his earliest film appearances. That film was Hellgate (1952), the entertaining Western prison drama written and directed by Charles Marquis Warren.

HellgateAlmost always the “good girl,” Leslie played against type to most memorable effect in the underrated noir thriller Repeat Performance (1947). An accomplished singer and dancer as well as an actress, it was always a treat to watch her practice her craft. She will indeed be missed.

Video of the Week: “Hellgate”

EDITOR’S NOTE 10/20/2015: Another one bites the dust. My apologies.

Our video this week features another of Timothy’s early film appearances, fleeting and dubbed over as it is. It’s Charles Marquis Warren‘s Hellgate (1952), starring a man Tim would encounter again on-screen, Sterling Hayden. Tim can be seen very early in the film as one of bad guy James Anderson‘s henchmen.

This entertaining combination of Western and prison drama boasts an impressive cast – in addition to Hayden and Anderson, Joan Leslie, Ward Bond, and James Arness are also on board. It’s possible that Tim appears again amongst the extras in the prison scenes, but I haven’t been able to catch a glimpse of him. Perhaps you might be more successful than I – if so, please let me know! Enjoy!

Pic of the Day: “Hellgate” revisited

Today’s pic wrings another post out of Timothy’s fleeting appearance in Hellgate (1952), directed by Charles Marquis Warren. The jig is up for Tim’s uncredited henchman, but he is not going quietly.

Also appearing here are Sterling Hayden, Joan Leslie and James Anderson. Hellgate is actually an entertaining combination of Western and prison drama. It’s definitely worth a look.

Pic of the Day: “Hellgate” revisited

Wrapping up the week is another rather awkward shot of Timothy from Hellgate (1952). He’s the henchman of bad guy James Anderson (so memorable in To Kill a Mockingbird [1962]), delivering his only line. In someone else’s voice. I imagine director Charles Marquis Warren was not crazy about the idea of a cowboy with a Brooklyn accent.

It’s another uncredited, don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-him part. I guess you gotta start somewhere, huh?

Pic of the Day: “Hellgate”

Whoa, I almost forgot about this one! Hellgate (1952) was directed by Charles Marquis Warren and marked the first of Tim’s three onscreen appearances with Sterling Hayden (the others being Crime Wave (1954) and The Killing (1956)).

He is uncredited, on screen for maybe 30 seconds, and his one line is dubbed in by someone else. Sigh.