Pic of the Day: “The Long Shot” revisited

Today we take another look at young Timothy from the Racket Squad episode “The Long Shot”. It was first broadcast on July 3, 1952. Con man Ed Mercer (Edward Keane) and his not-too-bright torpedo Frankie (along with their other associate; I’m unsure of the actor’s name) are fretting over a snag in their bogus sweepstakes tickets racket. Dig Tim’s striped socks.

The Long Shot - 1952

This episode was helmed by Erle C. Kenton, who began his career as one of Mack Sennett‘s Keystone Cops. He became a prolific director of shorts and feature films, and of television programs throughout the 1950s. His greatest directing achievement is undoubtedly Island of Lost Souls (1932), starring Charles Laughton, of whom Timothy was a big fan.