Pic of the Day: “The City is Dark” (aka “Crime Wave”)

Today’s pic is another of my eBay finds. Crime Wave (1954) was originally known as The City is Dark (a much better title, I think), and there is still some ephemera from this film out there that is available under that title.

aka Crime Wave

From left to right, we have Charles Bronson, Tim, Ted de Corsia, Jim Hayward, and Gene Nelson. Directed by the great André De Toth, it’s one of the best film noirs ever – don’t you dare miss it.

Pic of the Day: “Crime Wave”

Today’s pic (you know about the click-to-embiggen thing, right?) is from one of the best film noirs ever made, André De Toth‘s Crime Wave (aka The City is Dark) (1954). Tim made his first big impression on audiences (but apparently not on the film’s producers, who gave him no screen credit) as grinning, cigarette-puffing Johnny Haslett, the least trustworthy member of Ted de Corsia‘s gang. And that’s saying a lot.


Tim really pulls out all the stops with this character. His voice is pitched high, he twitches, grimaces and giggles to beat the band, and you’re left wondering just what exactly is in that cigarette he’s smoking. He doesn’t appear until the final act of the film; he then proceeds to walk away with it. There are many wonderful things about Crime Wave – Tim is most definitely at the top of the list.

Seen from left to right are Jim Hayward, Timothy, and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you who the fellow in the white t-shirt is.