Pic(s) of the Day: The Wall of Timothy updated

Sorry I missed yesterday! To make up for it, I am subjecting you to five, count ’em, FIVE pics of the updated Wall of Timothy. I swapped out some of the 11×14 lobby cards and added some latest acquisitions from The Killing, Flight to Hong Kong, Chain of Evidence, and The Killing of a Chinese Bookie. The Mexican lobby cards are so awesome, with their vibrant colors and lurid copy.


Pic of the Day: “Chain of Evidence”

Our pic of the day to start off the work week is from the enjoyable potboiler Chain of Evidence (1957), directed by Paul Landres, who had directed Tim the previous year in Naked Gun (1956), receiving no on-screen credit. Here Tim plays Carl Fowler, a violent low-life who likes to settle arguments with his fists and a 2×4.

Chain of Evidence

My MSTie pals will recognize the female lead; she’s Claudia Barrett from Robot Monster (1953). “We want peace, Ro-Man. But peace with honor.”