Video of the Week: “The World’s Greatest Sinner”

This one may not be up too long, so enjoy it while you may! It’s a clip from The World’s Greatest Sinner (1962). God Hilliard gets his fake soul patch, hits the stage, pontificates and gyrates.

Enjoy the master at work. And please check out the latest issue of Cashiers du Cinemart, featuring my article on Sinner! Also available for your Kindle!

Quote of the Week

During the 1970s, Carey put nearly all of his energy into his follow-up to THE WORLD’S GREATEST SINNER, TWEET’S LADIES OF PASADENA. He turned down a big part in THE GODFATHER, as he was in the throes of making TWEET’S. After Francis Ford Coppola convinced Carey to read for THE GODFATHER: PART II, during his screen test Carey pulled a gun from a lunch box and shot Coppola (with blanks of course). Instead of being scared or incensed, Coppola wanted Carey for his work now more than ever. This didn’t occur, however, until THE CONVERSATION, where Carey was an uncredited security expert. [Editor’s note: My understanding is that the part Timothy was to play ended up going to Allen Garfield.]

There were plans of Carey appearing in APOCALYPSE NOW. His idea for the character was to be a member of a Marine K9 unit. He spent all day picking fleas from the necks of his killer dogs, petting them and talking to them like his children. It sounds like a brilliant moment, but of all the things Coppola threw into the mix for APOCALYPSE, this didn’t make it.

– Sam McAbee, “Timothy Carey: Saint of the Underground,” Cashiers du Cinemart #12 (2001)


Quote of the Week

“First I’d take a big fart in front of them. That’s always a big help. I always thought if you really want to be a good actor, you’ve got to be able to fart in public. That, to me, is the most important. If you are so inhibited that you can’t fart, I don’t mean around your friends, I mean just a fart, out loud somewhere. I don’t mean the ‘silent creeper,’ everybody does that; I mean fart out loud! Just that you can do it and not be afraid of it. Humility is very important.”

– Timothy on preparing his cast for The Insect Trainer, as quoted by Sam McAbee in “Timothy Carey: Saint of the Underground,” Cashiers Du Cinemart #12 (2001)

I am pleased to announce…

…that I will soon be appearing on an upcoming episode of The Projection Booth podcast, hosted by the fabulous Mike White of Cashiers du Cinemart fame! The episode will be showcasing The World’s Greatest Sinner, and I will be guest hosting as Mike’s “Timothy Carey expert”!! Wow – I sure hope I can live up to that title.

Please check out previous episodes of this great podcast, if you haven’t already! It’s the only one dealing with matters cinematic that I listen to a regular basis. I’m sure you will love it!

Watch this space for future announcements. In the meantime – “Please! Please! PLEASE! TAKE MY HAND!”