Pic of the Day: “Bloodhounds of Broadway” revisited

Kicking off the week a day late is Harmon JonesBloodhounds of Broadway (1952), the musical extravaganza starring Mitzi Gaynor and Scott Brady. It provided Timothy with one of his earliest (if uncredited) speaking roles as Crockett Pace, the hot-tempered mountain-folk (“hillbilly” is so gauche) suitor of future Broadway star Emily Ann Stackerlee (Gaynor). He is seen here getting his hat knocked off by equally hot-tempered Numbers Foster (Brady).

Bloodhounds of Broadway

Jones, a native of Canada, began his Hollywood career as a film editor at 20th Century-Fox in the mid-1940s. He received an Academy Award nomination for his work on Elia Kazan‘s Gentleman’s Agreement (1947). He turned to directing in the early 1950s, and kept himself well occupied with both film and television projects until the late 1960s. His son, Robert C. Jones, also became an editor, getting his impressive resume off to a fine start with John CassavetesA Child Is Waiting (1963).

Pic of the Day: “That Sister Ain’t No Cousin” revisited

Today we take another look at “That Sister Ain’t No Cousin,” the third of four Baretta episodes in which Timothy appeared. It was first broadcast on January 19, 1977. El Greco is a sinister drug lord obsessed with ancient Greek culture (hmm, must be why they call him that). Clearly he enjoys his work.

That Sister Ain't No Cousin - 1977

Oh boy, I can hear my husband now: “Ah, I see he’s wearing his SUN TV jacket!” Yes, dear. I’m guessing the show was originally recorded on videotape from SUN TV in Canada. Apparently, the Baretta Season One box set didn’t sell well enough for Universal to consider releasing subsequent seasons. A shame, truly. I do hope they revisit the idea.