Happy Birthday, Buster Keaton!

One of the greatest film geniuses who ever lived, Buster Keaton, was born this day in Piqua (and that’s pronounced pick-way, and I know because I’ve been there), Kansas, in 1895. I had to work hard to get this screen cap, because everybody is moving so fast, but here it is. Timothy and Buster on screen together in William Asher‘s Beach Blanket Bingo (1965), as a confused Linda Evans looks on.

Tim was a big fan of silent movies. I like to think he got a chance to talk with Buster about Hollywood’s golden days during the making of this film. Happy birthday anniversary to the Great Stone Face.

Video of the Week: “Beach Blanket Bingo” closing credits

EDITOR’S NOTE 01/09/2013: The video has been removed. My apologies.

As we near the end of May, our hearts lightly turn to thoughts of summer. Well, up here in the Northern Hemisphere at least. I have already recommended Bikini Beach (1964) and Beach Blanket Bingo (1965) on these pages for mindless summer fun, with Timothy’s pool-cue-slinging South Dakota Slim as an added bonus (and as we all know, the best thing in both movies). To reinforce that idea, we present the closing credits of Beach Blanket Bingo as our Video of the Week.

Slim has been overtaken by the voluminous cloud of billiard chalk created by Eric Von Zipper’s (fellow Brooklyn boy Harvey Lembeck) tendency to overdo things. Tim’s son Romeo once said in an interview that his father was a big fan of silent movies. As Buster Keaton has a cameo here, I like to think that Timothy got to indulge in a huge fanboy moment, sitting down with Buster and enjoying a long talk about the good old days of Hollywood.