Video of the Week: “Most inexplicable line reading of all time”

This week’s video is Timothy’s infamous “Atta boy Mike” scene from Bob Rafelson‘s Head (1968), the very strange first – and last – feature film from the Monkees.

As I’ve said before with regards to this film – for God’s sake, don’t try to make any sense out of it! Just enjoy Tim at his craziest.

Pic of the Day: “Head”

Our pic of the day is from Bob Rafelson‘s Head (1968), starring The Monkees and co-scripted by Jack Nicholson. Tim portrays a fellow known as Lord High ‘n Low. Here he is at the start of the infamous “Atta boy Mike” scene.

Um. Not sure what else to say, honestly. I love this movie, but if you can figure out just what exactly is going on here (or at any point in the film), would you please tell me? Thanks…