Video of the Week: Behind the scenes of “East of Eden” (1955)

Our video for this week is another rare collection of behind-the-scenes footage shot during the making of East of Eden (1955) in Mendocino, California in the spring of 1954. It can be found in the bonus material of the DVD release of James Dean: Born Cool (2001). Timothy just might be lurking unseen (or barely seen) in the background of some of this footage, but a very good glimpse of him starts at about 6:34 in – in case you couldn’t tell, he’s that tall drink of water dressed all in black, talking with a couple of fellows and chewing gum vehemently.

Look how tall he is!! Also seen here are James Dean, Elia Kazan, Julie Harris, Jo Van Fleet and Bette Treadville. For more on this subject, please revisit this post and this post too.