Pic of the Day: “The Town Budget” revisited


We start the work week with another look at “The Town Budget,” the episode of the Alcoa Theatre anthology series that first aired on December 15, 1958. Crooks on the run Jonas and Frankie (Arthur Batanides) try to act natural. Jonas has just shot a cop and is pretty happy about it.

The Town Budget - 1958

For 30-odd years, Batanides was a reliable character actor who appeared in scores of television programs and several films as well. My Mystery Science Theater 3000 pals will remember him as the high-strung Danny from The Unearthly (1957). Towards the end of his career he had a recurring role as Mr.Kirkland in several of the Police Academy comedies.

Pic of the Day: “The Town Budget”

Here’s another one that was hard to come by. It’s from the Alcoa Premiere (aka Alcoa Theatre) episode “The Town Budget,” which was first aired on December 15, 1958. Tim portrays a cop-hating thief by the name of Jonas. His partner in crime is Arthur Batanides, whom my MST3K pals will recognize as wise-cracking Danny from The Unearthly (1957).

The Town Budget

Alcoa Premiere was one of those nifty anthology series that proliferated in the 1950’s and 60’s, like Playhouse 90, Kraft Television Theater, etc. It would be nice to see a revival of this kind of show.