Video of the Week: Hubba Bubba commercial

Here’s one we haven’t seen in a while! In 1981 Timothy went to Arizona and filmed a commercial for Hubba Bubba bubble gum. It’s priceless.

Starring as the Gum Fighter is Western stalwart Don Collier. His sidekick is legendary character actor Dub Taylor, who appeared along with Tim in Crime Wave (1954). Big bubbles, no troubles!

Pic of the Day: “The Last Wagon” revisited

Today we take another look at The Last Wagon (1956), directed by Delmer Daves. This is a great shot of Timothy as bad guy Cole Harper, set against beautiful Red Rock Crossing in Sedona, Arizona.

The Last Wagon

Daves’ law degree from Stanford University ended up collecting dust after the film bug bit him while still in college. He often wrote, produced and directed his own films (much like someone else we know!). Westerns were nearest and dearest to his heart.

Pic of the Day: “The Great Train Robbery” revisited

Today’s pic takes another look at “The Great Train Robbery,” not the ground-breaking film short of 1903 but the episode of Sheriff of Cochise that first aired just over 57 years ago today – October 5, 1956. Bad guy Stark is robbing this train and he wants you to know it.

The Great Train Robbery - 1956

Cochise was another of those shows that sounded like a Western but really wasn’t. It was a contemporary crime drama set in Cochise County, Arizona. The sheriff (John Bromfield) wore a cowboy hat, but that and the Arizona setting are pretty much where the Western resemblance ends.

Pic of the Day: “The Last Wagon” revisited

Today we take another gander at The Last Wagon (1956), shot in Arizona by director Delmer Daves. Tim and George Mathews are on the trail of Richard Widmark‘s Comanche Todd.

My MSTie pals will recognize Mathews as the overworked guardian angel of the short X Marks the Spot (1944). He enjoyed a long career on the stage and in movies and television.