Pic of the Day: “The Odds Against Donald Jordan” revisited

OK, I promise – not another April Fools post like last year. Just a regular pic o’the day, this time from “The Odds Against Donald Jordan”, the Mannix episode that was first aired on March 1, 1969. Groovy bookie Moose gets a load of his old pal Mannix (Mike Connors).

The Odds Against Donald Jordan - 1969

At the helm for this episode was Stuart Hagmann, who enjoyed a brief career in television directing commercials, episodes of Mannix, Mission Impossible and Bronk, and several TV movies. He also directed the occasional feature film, most notably the student protest drama The Strawberry Statement (1970). He was apparently recently interviewed for the Mondo Film Podcast, but the posting has disappeared.

Regarding yesterday’s post.

My goodness, I’m a better prankster than I thought I was! I can’t believe so many of you fell for it. I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist! No worries – nothing has changed, Timothy still rules my world, the book projects with Romeo are still happening, and this blog, like my heart, will go on. You may now continue with your regular lives, already in progress.