Annette Funicello 1942 – 2013

Sadly, we have another passing to report. Eternal teen Annette Funicello passed away this morning at age 70, after a long struggle with multiple sclerosis. She and Timothy both appeared in Bikini Beach (1964), Beach Blanket Bingo (1965), and Head (1968), never sharing a scene together, unfortunately. Here is a little something I’ve posted before but bears repeating today. It’s a promotional radio interview by Dick Strout for Head that features both Timothy and Annette in separate interviews.

Annette will always be the queen of that never-ending beach party in the sky. Rest well, and thanks.

Pic of the Day: “Beach Blanket Bingo” revisited

Spring is finally here, so naturally we immediately start thinking about summer. In that spirit, here is another look at the late William Asher‘s Beach Blanket Bingo (1965). South Dakota Slim has just been bonked on the head by a mysterious assailant, causing him to forget that he was just about to slice Sugar Kane (Linda Evans) in half with a buzz saw. He decides he must become her knight in shining armor instead.

Beach Blanket Bingo

Don’t think too hard about it; it’s a Frankie and Annette beach party movie, you know!

“Video” of the Week: “Head” interview

This week’s video is another that is not really a video at all. It’s the audio of a radio interview Timothy did to promote The Monkees‘ film Head (1968), conducted by Dick Strout for The Hollywood Report. Annette Funicello can be heard here as well.

It’s a rare treat to hear Tim just casually conversing like this. I am eternally grateful to Mike White of The Projection Booth for bringing this to my attention. Tim’s portion of the interview can be heard in TPB’s podcast all about Head which I encourage you to listen to immediately. Atta boy, Mike!

“Nobody walks out on me! Not even myself!”