Pic of the Day: “The Velvet Jungle” revisited

It’s Friday – why not celebrate with some SUPER PANCAKES? Today we take another look at “The Velvet Jungle,” the Starsky and Hutch episode that first aired on March 5, 1977. Danny, the racist diner owner, is not being much help to our heroes as they try to crack the case.

The Velvet Jungle - 1977

Danny might be a fun guy to hang out with, if he weren’t such a racist dickweed. Watch this episode now on Amazon Instant Video!

Pic of the Day: “Francis in the Haunted House” revisited

Today’s pic is the last good shot of Timothy as Hugo, hulking castle minion, that you will see in Francis in the Haunted House (1956), directed by hard-working Charles Lamont. The spooky goings-on clearly have Hugo flummoxed.

Mickey Rooney admitted in his autobiography that he has no memories about making this film. How could he forget working with Tim??? Here’s another of Timothy’s films that needs a proper DVD release, but is available for immediate viewing on Amazon Instant Video.

Pic of the Day: “A Time for Killing” revisited

Today’s pic is another from the Civil War drama A Time for Killing (1967). Timothy, as Billy Cat, is loading his rifle in an unorthodox manner, accompanied in the heat of battle by superior officers Kenneth Tobey and Glenn Ford.

Tim was in three movies with the word “killing” in the title. Not sure if there is any significance to that. This is another film that you can watch immediately on Amazon Instant Video.

Pic of the Day: “Rio Conchos” revisited

We now join our regularly scheduled program, already in progress… Our pic for today is another shot from Rio Conchos (1964), directed by Gordon Douglas and starring Richard Boone, Stuart Whitman and Tony Franciosa. Tim has a small but memorable role as Chico, a cantina owner who is a bit of a pimp as well.

You can go to Amazon Instant Video, rent or buy this puppy, and watch it right now! So there!