Pic of the Day: “Tracks” revisited

Today’s pic takes another look at Tim in his last television appearance. The show was Airwolf, and the episode is “Tracks,” first broadcast on March 22, 1986. Tim is Paul McClelland, “the Cat Man,” who lives in the mountains with the wildcats he has vowed to protect by any means necessary, including giant hunting bows.

"Tracks" 3/22/86

Tim’s major co-stars in this episode are his teeth. He bares them quite a bit here. It’s scary and awesome.

Pic of the Day: “Tracks”

Our pic for today is from Tim’s last television appearance. The series was Airwolf, and the episode was “Tracks,” first broadcast on March 22, 1986. He portrays professor Paul McClelland, known as “the Cat Man,” who goes to criminal lengths to protect the wildcats he considers his family.

Tim was a big animal lover in real life, so it’s nice to see him ending his television career in the company of furry critters.