Video of the Week: “East of Eden” (1981)

Our video for this week is another one culled from the archives. John Steinbeck‘s great American novel East of Eden has been filmed twice: first as a feature film in 1955, directed by Elia Kazan, and then as an ABC television miniseries in 1981 with Harvey Hart at the helm. (Apparently there is a new version in the works with Jennifer Lawrence.) Timothy has the distinction of appearing in both of them. Here he is in the 1981 miniseries as a fiery circuit-riding preacher, starting at about the 1:15:28 mark.

Unfortunately, this is the only time he appears in the program. I can’t be the only one who thinks this character deserved his own spin-off series. Enjoy!

Video of the Week: ABC promos, 1977

Videos featuring Timothy that we haven’t posted yet are getting harder to find, unfortunately. This week’s video isn’t up to our usual standards, but it’s a bit of television history that we don’t get to see much anymore. This is a promo that ABC ran for its Wednesday night line-up on January 19, 1977. At about 0:41 in we can catch a glimpse of Tim as El Greco in the Baretta episode “That Sister Ain’t No Cousin,” which first aired that very same evening.

The promo is narrated by the great Ernie Anderson, staff announcer supreme at ABC for many years. He became famous as Cleveland’s legendary late-night horror host Ghoulardi in the 1960s.