Pic of the Day: “Superstar” revisited

Our pic of the day is from “Superstar,” an episode of the (very) short-lived series Supertrain. It first aired on March 14, 1979. Bumbling hit men Clyde (Mills Watson) and Anderson are trying to talk their way out of an awkward situation.

Superstar - 1979

Supertrain got little respect then, and still doesn’t today. It was the most expensive television series ever produced at the time, but money couldn’t overcome poor ratings and bad reviews. NBC had produced the show itself, and they really took a bath when the series was cancelled after only nine episodes. That, combined with the lost ad revenue from the 1980 Summer Olympics boycott, nearly sent the company into bankruptcy. TV Guide named the show one of “The 50 Worst TV Shows of All Time” in 2002, coming in at #28. It certainly wasn’t Timothy’s fault.