Video of the Week: Lilly Christine, “The Cat Girl”

EDITOR’S NOTE 05/22/12: The original video posted has been removed by the user, so I replaced it with this one, “Song for Lilly Christine” by Big Rude Jake. I like this one better!

Our video for this week is something a bit different. Tim arrived in LaFitte, Louisiana in the fall of 1956 to begin filming Bayou. He had an unusual assignment from the film’s producers – he had to learn to “dance real wild.” In New Orleans he asked a cab driver to help him out. The cabbie took him straight to Leon Prima’s 500 Club in the French Quarter. A stunning, statuesque burlesque dancer by the name of Lilly Christine, billed as “The Cat Girl,” was performing there. Tim returned to the club every night for a week to watch her dance. I’m sure he needed little persuasion to conduct this kind of research. After all, it was for the good of the film, right?

So now we know the inspiration for Ulysses’ crazy Cajun dance. Wow!

Wishing You a S-Carey Halloween!

(please forgive the bad pun)

This pic of Tim as Frankenstein’s monster (click to embiggen, IF YOU DARE!!!) can be glimpsed in the work-in-progress documentary by Romeo Carey that is available at Absolute Films. I am guessing that it was taken during the creation of the fabled television commercial for Sambo’s restaurant that Tim made back in the 80’s. Finding the actual commercial is proving to be next door to impossible. It’s become my personal Holy Grail of Careyabilia. I will find it! *shakes fist*

Apparently Halloween was quite the production at the Carey homestead. I can’t help but envy all the lucky neighborhood kids who got to go trick-or-treating at Tim’s house.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

Pics of the Day: The Wall of Timothy, updated

I finally got the Wall of Timothy rearranged and updated!

Sept. 2011 #1

Sept. 2011 #2

Sept. 2011 #3

A word about the ladybugs. For some reason, I’ve been associating them with Tim for quite a while now. It made me happy when I discovered recently that he mentions them in his play The Insect Trainer. I found this ladybug banner/decoration on the ground behind my car the other day. I like to think it’s Tim saying “Hi!”

Sept. 2011 #4

Sept. 2011 #5

And you guys, this isn’t everything. I have so many lobby cards that I’m going to have to swap them out every few weeks or so. There are also big posters from Bayou and The Wild One that I just don’t have room for. Slowly but surely, Tim is taking over our house… I’m OK with that!