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Howdy! My name is Marisa and I’m the author of this blog. I am working with Timothy Carey’s son Romeo on several book and video projects about his dad, my most favorite actor. Most of the pics I’m posting here are screen caps from my video collection. I try to post every day except Saturday. Sunday is the Quote of the Week (either by or about Tim), and on Wednesdays I post the Video of the Week. I welcome your comments and suggestions. I really hope you enjoy the blog!

I live in the St. Johns neighborhood of Portland, Oregon with my husband and cat. I perform burlesque around town under the name Loxie Arcane (bonus points if you can figure out the Carey connection). I also podcast my vintage belly dance vinyl collection at Radio Bastet. I have lots of wide-ranging interests. I’m just a good egg that you should get to know.

Due to too much spam, I’ve had to delete the contact form. If you have comments, questions, concerns or a major Carey story for me that you’d rather not add to the comment section below, please email me at marisa @ thetimothycareyexperience.com Thanks!


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  1. This is a case of putting a face to a name. As an avid classic movie watcher, I’ve known of Timothy Carey because of the striking performances he gave. I just never stuck around for the credits….until now! Thank you for providing a place to gain more insight into this unsung hero of the background. I recently started a movie blog and hope in the near future to go into more detail on Carey and other character actors who I believe don’t receive much recognition these days.


    • Thanks so much, Robert! I will definitely add your blog to the blogroll! Characters actors are my absolute favorite. They add so much to the overall impact of movies. Thanks again, and keep in touch, won’t you?


  2. I’ll repeat what I said on the TCE Forum:

    So…. when Ben Gazaara passed away I decided to check out some of his movies. I chose “The Killing Of A Chinese Bookie” because the title sounded cool.

    I enjoyed both versions immensely for various reasons. But I was sort of transfixed by Timothy Carey. It is hard to articulate why but it was a combination of his voice, his unusual appearance, his smile, his outfits, and his character – a homicidal psychotic sympathetic hipster doofus.

    And here I am.

    Thank you Marissa, for the TCE and this forum. And I can’t wait for your book.


    • Bennett, that is the greatest description of Tim’s character in BOOKIE that I have ever seen. You nailed it! You’ve also nailed what is so enchanting about Tim. He’s just one of those people that when he’s on the screen, you’re looking at HIM and nobody else. Thanks so much for discovering the blog and the forum and for your kind words! Welcome!


  3. thanks so much for your comment and praise over at my blog! so happy to have you and all movie buffs, drop in anytime. Love yours, a fairly recent discovery for me, so I’ve slowly been working through all the great stuff here and having a blast doing it. Carey was always so much fun to watch, and I’m a sucker for actor-centric blogs like this because they’re always such an obvious labor of love. Thanks for the linkage! BTW Just recently saw and will be writing on Crime Wave.


    • Sweet, Kristina! I’m happy to return the invite; drop by anytime! Crime Wave is *such* a great film in every respect; even without Tim (nooo!) it would be one of the finest noirs ever made. Thanks again!!


  4. Marisa Hello I see you have TommyGunTimes on your link list. I loved going to that site. Now when I attempt to go there I get a window saying it’s by invite only. Do you know the authors contact info so I may be able to get permission?


    • Hey Rob – thank you for bring that to my attention! I had no idea they had done that. Unfortunately I don’t know the authors. What a complete bummer! Well, off my blogroll they go…


  5. Hey!

    Nick from http://www.cinekatz.com here. Doing some scout work for the LAMB. We’re wanting to make an email newsletter for community features as well as a list we’re making similar to Sight & Sound’s best movies of all time list. Just need an email! Email me at npowe131 at gmail.com


  6. I had to set up my OWN blog account to finally find your TC pages! They are truly wonderful. Really. So much is here. I had no idea you had this kind of action going. I also see the space you’re thinking of for the TC masthead illustration. I can dig that.

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    • Mark, I am SUCH a dope – I completely spaced that we were talking about the logo! Sweet! Thanks so much – it’s really a labor of love. It’s so great to see you here! Let’s definitely talk more about the masthead. Thanks again!


  7. Marisa,

    I’m a first time reader and I’m knocked out by your site, which leaves me wondering how we lived so long without it until now. I had the chance honor of meeting Carey, in what must have been the late 70’s or early 80’s. Hard to pinpoint. We spoke at length, after which he proudly introduced me to his van full of growling German shepherds. (Apparently he trained them as attack dogs to round out the income). He was one of the most compelling, off-kilter, emotionally generous and yes, intimidating dudes I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet.

    I’d like to ask a question: having watched the (1975) “Baretta” clip of Carey eating with white formal gloves, I can’t help but point to a similar moment in “The Killing of a Chinese Bookie”. It’s a brilliant stroke of characterization, and I never forgot it. Therefore, was this a personal eccentricity of his when dining ? (Given Carey’s temperament, it’s not unreasonable to consider). Or did it serve as some kind of signature flourish that showed up in other performances?

    I can certainly imagine Cassavetes taking note of the Baretta scene, and asking Carey to reprise it a year later in “Bookie” for its dark comedy. Any ideas?

    Best of Luck to All Things Carey All the Time,
    Ronald Yanover


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