Happy Belated Birthday Anniversary, Timothy!

Holy cow, folks. I really dropped the ball on this one. Timothy’s 88th birthday anniversary was last Saturday, March 11. I truly apologize for not posting that day. I promise to get back to posting on the regular. Life has been crazy lately, not to mention I had a portable hard drive meltdown a while back and it’s taken me some time to round up my screen shots. Things will be getting back to semi-normal around here soon! In the meantime, just ponder the fact that Tim would be 88 years old now.


2 responses to “Happy Belated Birthday Anniversary, Timothy!

  1. Wow the first post to pop up on my “Blogs of Interest” from you since Halloween. When you get back on track maybe do less than before. I have read and learned that blogs, especially built-in popular ones like yours, actually get more hits with one or two posts a week since there’s anticipation. Anyhow… nice to see you again, Tim, and the autographed poster from my wall.

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    • Ha! Your wall, that’s funny! 😀 No really, it’s good to be back and thank you muchly. Definitely plan on posting just a few times a week instead of every day, much more manageable. I miss seeing you around on FB!


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