Pic of the Day: “Quaker Girl” revisited

Today we take another long-overdue look at “Quaker Girl,” the second of the two Gunsmoke episodes in which Timothy appears. This one first aired on December 10, 1966. “Buster” Rilla, the muscle behind a couple of treasure-seeking crooks, watches as killer Fred Bateman (William Shatner) tries to talk his way out of a case of mistaken identity.

Quaker Girl - 1966

Among Shatner’s zillions of impressive credits is that of Incubus (1965), one of a handful of films shot in Esperanto, a specially constructed language developed in the late 19th century with an eye towards fostering unity between nations. According to experts in the language, however, the actors failed miserably in pronunciation and delivery, and the film is not considered a good example of spoken Esperanto. It still makes me want to take a stab at learning it, though.

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