More SINNER ephemera AND a NYC screening!

Today is definitely Sinner day here at the TCE! First up is a submission from friend of the blog Matt Meisenhelter of Pittsburgh, PA. Says Matt, “While going through some long boxed up correspondence, I came across the attached poster. It dates from, I’m guessing, 1991 or 92 and promotes a showing of The World’s Greatest Sinner. A college friend who’d migrated to LA sent it to me with a description of sorts of the film and experience. He described a wizened Carey introducing the film in his gold lame suit and how he was seen afterward in the lobby, ready to meet and talk with the moviegoers.” This sounds very much like the screening of the film that Grover Lewis described in his article of and interview with Timothy in Film Comment. Matt also tells me the poster was originally a vibrant pink but had faded over the years. I have taken the liberty of restoring it to its original pinkness. Many thanks, Matt!

SINNER screening flyer, 1992Next up, I am excited to tell you about an upcoming screening of Sinner in New York City next month! Please feel free to share this announcement:

Anthology Film Archives Screens The World’s Greatest Sinner!!! New York City

32 East 2nd Street, New York NY 10003

Hosted By Walter Ocner

The screenings will be Sat, July 18 at 9:00pm and Thurs, July 23 at 7:00pm!
Limited Seating


Hollywood maverick Timothy Carey was called plenty of things in his day: Genius…Rebel…Nut. Sometimes all three.

He was cast in major features by courageous directors like Stanley Kubrick and John Cassavetes, often playing a towering heavy or a leering criminal overlord. He brought a wildly unique fire to every role, and intensified it beyond comprehension for his own feature, which he wrote, directed, produced and starred in: THE WORLD’S GREATEST SINNER.

In it, Carey plays insurance salesman Clarence Hilliard, who one day decides to change his name to “God” and build a powerful religion, using sex and rock n’ roll as his recruiting tools. It’s a truly legendary masterwork of outsider filmmaking that profoundly shocked audiences wherever Carey screened it (often renting out the theater and even running the projector himself).

Half a century later, the largely unseen film has become one of cinema’s great curiosities, impossible to find and entirely deserving of its infamy. You’ve never experienced anything like it, and you never will again.

Grab the snake, sip the blood, and sacrifice yourself to the inhuman artistry of Timothy Carey’s visionary blue-collar epic. After all, you don’t want to anger God, do you?

Sinner in crayon; artist unknownA delightful drawing provided by Walter Ocner. Artist unknown (Isaac something??)

2 responses to “More SINNER ephemera AND a NYC screening!

  1. Hi Marisa, could you please clear up the location of Timothy’s El Monte home? In the interveiw Grover Lewis had with Tim, he describes the bungalow as being close to Santa Anita race track. I’ve believed that the home was in north El Monte because of it would have been close to the Rio Hondo river bed, where many horse owners rode, I know Tim loved and had horses. I rode horses there from a high school friends home just off N. Peck Rd. and La Madera St. Many horse  properties backed right up against the river bed. I know the address of the home and studio is listed in South El Monte. Santa Anita is definitely north of El Monte, but very close. Arcadia starts just passed the Rio Hondo river bed. Maybe he trucked in his horse to ride at the north E. M. river bed to ride, or maybe their were riding stables in South El Monte.


    • Hi Richard! I believe Tim lived in a different part of El Monte in the late 50’s, before and shortly after he and Doris got married and when he still had the horses. But by the time of the Grover Lewis interview, he had been living for quite a while in the Weaver St. house (which is now E. Weaver St.). I’m fairly certain they moved there in the early 60’s, because parts of SINNER were filmed there. How they raised 6 kids in that little house I’ll never know! 😀


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