Video of the Week: “Worlds Greatest Sinner” Music Video J.T. Productions (Re-edited)

EDITOR’S NOTE 04/10/15: Did I call that?? Let this be a lesson, folks. The World’s Greatest Sinner is NOT in the public domain. It is owned and copyrighted by Absolute Films and Timothy’s estate. Please respect that.

Hmm. Let’s see how long this one stays up. It’s scenes from The World’s Greatest Sinner (1962) as background for some music tracks by some groups with “monkeys” in their names. It was created by J.T. Productions. As there are about one thousand outfits calling themselves J.T. Productions on the internet, I have no idea who these guys are. The video is interesting, anyway.

I imagine a cease and desist letter is in this outfit’s future, so enjoy while you can!

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