BREAKING NEWS! An animated “Tweet’s”????

Breaking news from Absolute Films!

Promo clip pitching the notorious action comedy-mind blower, circa 1969 film from legendary film genius, Timothy Carey.

The idea of adapting TWEET’S LADIES OF PASADENA as an animated series is brilliant… one can only imagine the back-story?

We are currently looking for animators who are interested in helping to create the animation pilot to pitch to Netflix.


One response to “BREAKING NEWS! An animated “Tweet’s”????

  1. Alright! Sounds like fun! Personally, I would’ve preferred the original live action footage, and I’m not sure if the children of today would respond well to this project, but I’ve been waiting to see this for a while! I never knew that it was intended to be a kids show, but it makes sense now, it has a Monkees kind of vibe to it.


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