Video of the Week: “The Blackbirder”

As promised, here is the Daniel Boone episode “The Blackbirder” in its entirety. It first aired on October 3, 1968. It showcases one of Timothy’s best comedic performances – heck, one of his best performances, period.

From the episode’s first moments, when Tim lopes in on his horse, breaks the fourth wall and practically winks at the audience, he owns this thing. He’s in almost every scene and is the catalyst that keeps the plot moving along. Plus, he’s just hilarious. If you haven’t seen this one yet, I envy you – you’re in for a treat. Enjoy!

One response to “Video of the Week: “The Blackbirder”

  1. Hi Marisa, it was great seeing Tim on screen for so long rather then the short shrift he got throughout his career. He reminded me so much of the performance Vin Diesal gave in Riddick. Of course nothing to do with storyline at all, it’s just the dialogue delivery from Vin is amazing in it’s icy cool resemblance to Tim, with great cadence, just like Tim. If Hollywood only realized what a great potential Tim had for leading roles Like Vin is doing how much better off the viewing public would all be. Vin sounds a bit like him too. Maybe because they are both half Italian, that might be the underling connection I’m getting. Really enjoy your site.
    Thanks for all you do, Richard


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