Pic of the Day: “Ain’t We Got Fun” revisited

Today we take another long-overdue look at “Ain’t We Got Fun”, the episode of The Untouchables that was first broadcast on November 12, 1959. Loxie, the muscle behind bootlegger Big Jim Harrington (Ted de Corsia), enjoys a night on the town with Harrington and his moll, Renee Sullivan (Phyllis Coates).

Ain't We Got Fun - 1959

Timothy was well into shooting The World’s Greatest Sinner when he made this episode, which was directed by Roger Kay. Kay also helmed The Cabinet of Caligari (1962), based on the classic German Expressionist silent film The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari (1920). He gained a certain amount of notoriety when he apparently attempted to wrest the screenplay credit for that film from its rightful owner, Robert Bloch. Bloch described the ordeal (and his subsequent victory) in his autobiography, which just shot to the top of my must-read list.

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