Pic of the Day: “Alaska Seas” revisited

These are tough times right now at the TCE. Our cat Delbert passed away yesterday. Even though we have two other cats, the house seems empty without him. So today I wanted to post a picture of Timothy with a cat. Here he is in Alaska Seas (1954) as marine repairman Wycoff, investigating strange noises and holding his cat.

Alaska Seas

He later goes back inside and starts singing to the cat. It’s pretty cute. Give your fur kids extra love today, folks. They’re only on loan to us.

2 responses to “Pic of the Day: “Alaska Seas” revisited

  1. Dear Marisa, Dawn and I are so very to hear about your passing of your cat. They are for real members of the family. We lost our Boo kitty and it was devastating, hang in there, Thinking of you both, Richard and Dawn

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