Video of the Week: “California Bullets”

Our video for this week features what is perhaps Timothy’s most fleeting appearance ever captured on film. It’s the Cowboy G-Men episode “California Bullets”. It first aired on June 13, 1953 and, in fact, was the final episode of the show. Please do not blink at about 1:30 in, or you’ll miss Tim enthusiastically greet a disembarking ship passenger, shake his hand, and walk off. That’s it!

If you listen close, you can hear Tim kind of whispering some lines as he’s mouthing them. This was before the days when sound started to be overdubbed on television soundtracks, as I learned when I was an extra on an episode of Grimm a couple years ago. We were told to make low-volume chatter while the scene was being shot. Later on they simply dubbed in some background noise. They hadn’t started doing that yet in 1953, so we can still hear Tim even though he was trying to be quiet. But even here, he throws himself into his role and plays it to the hilt. That’s our Tim!

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