Pic of the Day: “Bloodhounds of Broadway” revisited

As we head off into the first weekend of spring, let’s take another look at Harmon JonesBloodhounds of Broadway (1952). Emily Ann Stackerlee (Mitzi Gaynor) has dissuaded her erstwhile fiance Crockett Pace from shooting Numbers Foster (Scott Brady) and Poorly Sammis (Wally Vernon), but Pace remains skeptical.

Bloodhounds of Broadway

Ms. Gaynor is without question one of the greatest stars of musical theater who ever lived. She’s been tearing up the Broadway stage almost her entire life. She only appeared in films for thirteen years; television and the stage seem to be her preferred venues. At 82, she’s still packin’ ’em in at her one-woman show, Razzle Dazzle! My Life Behind the Sequins. Go get ’em Mitzi!

One response to “Pic of the Day: “Bloodhounds of Broadway” revisited

  1. I can’t see why after all these fellow actors mentioned kicked stabbed punched or otherwise got physical with Tim that he didn’t haul off and let one of them have it. He was after all a marine.To nice a man all around I guess, better behaved then I would have. I’m shocked at these guys, I like everyone of them.


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