Pic of the Day: “Shock Treatment” revisited

It’s way past time we took another look at Shock Treatment (1964), directed by Denis Sanders. Timothy is uncredited but memorable in the role of a health-conscious mental patient. Here we see him eavesdropping on a heated exchange between Roddy McDowall and Stuart Whitman, shortly before he captures Whitman in a bear hug and proceeds to lecture him on vitamins and minerals.

Shock Treatment

McDowall was one of a small handful of cinematic performers who made the transition from child actor to adult roles a successful one. His bright and witty presence made many a film worth watching. A man of many talents, he was also an accomplished stage, radio and television actor, collector and preserver of Hollywood memorabilia, and a stellar photographer. His death at age 70 from lung cancer was truly a great loss to the film community, and to us all.

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