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The title In Memory of Nikki Arane refers to the character played by Timothy Agoglia Carey in Stanley Kubrick‘s famous film The Killing. Nikki is a lowlife marksman hired to assassinate a horse in order to create a diversion. He is also a hipster, his beatnik slang peculiar. […] I can still watch The Killing anytime it is on and enjoy the hell out of it. I never get tired of it.

Eugene Chadbourne, from the liner notes of In Memory of Nikki Arane by Chadbourne and John Zorn (Incus Records; recorded 1980, released 1996)

In Memory of Nikki Arane

One response to “Quote of the Week

  1. I remember going to see Eugene play guitar (and Electric Rake) at the Grand Emporium in Kansas City, MO circa 1988, with my then (or soon to be) wife in tow. This was some years after his band, Shockabilly had gone their separate ways. I remember an acid-fueled Halloween show by Shockabilly and The Butthole Surfers at the VFW hall in Kansas City in October of ’83. The guy could really play guitar and I had no idea that he liked Timothy Carey.


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