Pic of the Day: “Tracks” revisited

It may seem silly, but the passing last night of feline internet legend Colonel Meow has me in a deep funk. As one of his many loyal minions, I wanted to honor him today by posting another pic from the Airwolf episode “Tracks.” It first aired on March 22, 1986, and was Timothy’s last television appearance. He portrays eccentric Professor Paul McClelland, the local legend known as “The Cat Man.” Unfortunately, the professor ventures far beyond eccentricity when he goes to murderous lengths to protect the wild mountain cats that he loves and considers family.

Tracks - 1986

Tim was a great lover of animals, both on-screen and off. I’m sure that he too would be mourning the passing of the Colonel. We raise a glass of scotch in your honor, Colonel Meow. May you gather even more minions beyond the Rainbow Bridge and find grand success in a slight paradigm shift – afterlife domination.

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