Pic of the Day: “A Time for Killing”

Our pic today revisits Billy Cat, the “Yankee from Missourah” of Phil Karlson‘s Civil War drama A Time for Killing (1967). Billy has hit his mark, and he’s pretty happy about it.

A Time for Killing

If you have the Encore Westerns channel, you can catch this entertaining potboiler there tomorrow. It’s got a stellar cast – Glenn Ford, George Hamilton, Inger Stevens, Kenneth Tobey, Dick Miller, and early performances from Harrison Ford and Harry Dean Stanton.

3 responses to “Pic of the Day: “A Time for Killing”

  1. It is a great 1967western, ” A TIME FOR KILLING ” … However , the Encore Western Channel doesn’t play the correct version , The correct version has a different music score that’s played thru out the film, the original version’s music score is really great , ! It is played on some channels over time, regrettably there is this other version existing with the wrong music track …, I do have the original version , I bought it in Tokyo Japan… Japan produced the movie with a different title ” THE LONG RIDE HOME ” … THERE IS ANOTHER MOVIE WITH THE SAME TITLE . The movie is especially great with the original music !


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