Pic of the Day: “Naked Gun” revisited

Happy 2014! Let’s kick off the new year with another look at mustachioed Timothy in Naked Gun (1956), not the Leslie Nielsen cavalcade of hilarity but the low-budget Western featuring B-movie action star Willard Parker. Here we see grinning henchman Hartman helping his boss Joe Barnum (Barton MacLane) greet Sonny Glenn (Tom Brown) and Susan Stark (Veda Ann Borg). There’s a cursed Aztec treasure floating around the plot somewhere as well.

Naked Gun

Quintessential tough guy MacLane was in the home stretch of his impressive career by this point. He was so closely identified with the no-goodniks and knock-abouts he portrayed on film that, according to his IMDb entry, “his name was for a time used proverbially, to generally describe a shouting, hard-nosed ruffian.”

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