Pic of the Day: “Paths of Glory” revisited

You know, it’s funny – it’s so enjoyable discovering Timothy’s lesser-known works, that the classics sometimes get short shrift. It’s been almost a year since Paths of Glory got its own dedicated Pic of the Day, so let’s rectify that right now. Here he is during the court-martial scene in what is perhaps his most famous role, that of the doomed Pvt. Maurice Ferol in Stanley Kubrick‘s masterpiece. Fellow prisoners Cpl. Philippe Paris (Ralph Meeker) and Pvt. Pierre Arnaud (Joe Turkel) can be seen sitting behind him.

Paths of Glory

“I’ve seen Paths of Glory 10 or 15 times,” Tim told columnist Mel Heimer in 1958. “I think I’m very good in it. I was oh, kind of subdued in it. I liked the scene where I killed the cockroach… Now Paths of Glory is a different kind of picture. It’s bold. You might say it’s brazen. Women get a spiritual cry out of it.”

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